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Change the way of educational testing

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Everyday millions are compared to a grade on a piece of paper. We believe that we are only as smart as our teacher says we are. How many success stories do we need to hear about people who have been told that they were not smart enough to follow their dreams just to prove everyone wrong. How many children, teenagers e.t.c have to believe that are stupid. How many dreams have to die because they are not “realistic”. Please help me change the way of educational testing at schools. We can not use the same method of testing for 30+ minds in a room who all excel in a different way. How many times do you remember something as soon as you hand in a exam. Would that bad exam determine if you have acceptance letter? Not everyone can take a pen to paper exam. Some need to speak about it. Some need to make a model, e.t.c. Help me give everyone a change at life to be their own kind of successful and bring about new ways of testing into education. I am sure you have all heard Albert Einstines words “ If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life thinking its stupid” we have all heard it. We all agree. It’s time to do something about it !! 

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