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South Carolina State Superintendent of Education Mick Zais has hatched a new punitive teacher evaluation scheme. Extensive research has shown that grading teachers A through F based on student test scores is not an effective way to improve student achievement. Mick Zais hatched his plan in secret and is now trying to roll it out across the state without getting input from teachers who are the experts in improving student achievement.

Mick Zais’ scheme is bad for students, and it is bad for teachers. It is bad for South Carolina. But together, we can put a stop to it!

Sign our petition to tell Mick Zais and the Department of Education to slow down and work with The SCEA to develop a teacher evaluation that will improve student achievement, and be fair to our teachers.

Working together, we can make this better.

Attend “Getting to the Core” on September 29th. We will address this evaluation and engage those present in a discussion about a fair alternative. You can register for the conference at:

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Public School Teachers, Parents, Students and Community Members.

Demand the State Board stop the implementation of this new evaluation system.

A teacher's evaluation is only one small snapshot of teacher effectiveness that can be easily manipulated and prejudiced by the observer. Moreover, the evaluation may or may not reflect the teacher's impact on student growth.


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