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The Scales of Justice Are Not Balanced

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My name is Tiffany Dunn, and this is a brief glimpse into my story and the challenges I currently face. You may be familiar with the case of The State of Mississippi vs. Adam Ray Dunn, in which I was the victim of numerous heinous and life-altering crimes. From December 11, 2010-December 13, 2010, I was held against my will in the home I once shared with my estranged husband in Saucier, Mississippi, by him, Adam Ray Dunn. During those two days I endured acts of rape, was held at gunpoint, and was told by Adam Dunn any effort to seek outside help would result not only in my death, but the death whoever attempted to come to my aide. I was told there were 90 rounds of ammunition at his disposal among three weapons and every round would be used in the effort. Only through quick thinking, manipulation, and little bit of luck did I get away from this man. He was arrested on December 13, 2010 for these crimes.

Adam Dunn was let out on bond for these charges only a few days later. During his time of release, Adam Dunn offered me $20,000.00 to drop the charges I had pressed against him. At my refusal, he developed a plan, and paid to have me killed.

On December 29, 2010, I responded to a sound at the door of my then home in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. On the other side of the door was a woman, now known to me as Shanna Bates. She proceeded to tell me that she had been paid by Adam Dunn to kill me with specific instructions. She informed me though she had no desire to carry out the act for which she was paid; she knew if she didn’t take the deal, Adam Dunn would find someone else who would. She took the opportunity to come to my home, under the impression to carry out his request, to warn me of the plan against me. She contacted him on speakerphone from my living room at his request during the deal. During that phone conversation, I was told that he wanted his voice to be the last I ever heard. During this phone conversation, he told me I was about to die. All of this occurred with my children sleeping in rooms less than 15 feet away.

I can only imagine how that night could have ended if anyone else had been offered that money. Would I be alive today? Would my children?

In the days that passed since that night, I learned that two others were cohorts in the plan for my demise. Chris Wildowski drove Shanna Bates to my home that night. Amy Compton, Adam’s then girlfriend, was the person that referred Adam Dunn to Shanna Bates to commit the crime.

In the almost two years I have waited for a resolution, I have received letters from Adam Ray Dunn, though he is in jail awaiting trial, I moved out of the state, and there is a no contact order against him from the Chancery Court in Harrison County, Mississippi. In my opinion, he has displayed no sense of remorse for his actions, or any respect for the authority of the court system.

Just this week, I was informed by the Jackson County District Attorney’s office, that Adam Dunn will be in court on October 1, 2012. They are offering him a 12 year sentence if he pleads guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Capital Murder. I was informed, under the law this is not considered a violent crime, though the implications of his success would have resulted not only in violence, but loss of life – my life. Because they do not consider it a violent crime, Adam Ray Dunn is only required to serve 25% of his time and will get credit for time served. 25% of a twelve (12) year sentence implies that he is only required to serve three (3) years. What this means to me and to the citizens of the state of Mississippi, based on this deal, and the time he has served awaiting trial, is this man could be walking the streets in one (1) year’s time.

I have also been informed that there is no parole board in the state of Mississippi, so there is no opportunity for me to speak at a hearing, citing my continued fear for my life. The best that could be offered to me by the state of Mississippi is to be informed of his release once it occurs.

I ask you, is this justice? Is the value of a life so miniscule that one can heartlessly plan to remove someone from complete existence, and only be required to give up three years of his time as a result?

My answer: This is NOT justice! Victims should have the right to a life of safety and peace of mind, luxuries that this deal fails to offer.

If you have any doubts as to your feelings on this matter, please ask yourself these questions. What is a life worth - Your sister’s life? Your daughter’s life? Your mother’s life? Your friend’s life? Your life?

I implore those who agree with me to speak out in any way that you can! Let this message be heard! Sign this petition. Post it on Facebook; email it to friends and family across the nation. If it is in your power, be at the Jackson County courthouse on October 1, 2012, and let the state of Mississippi know that you do not support this deal and that the precious commodity of life is worth more than this!

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