The Satchel - Young Award for MLB's Best Pitcher of the year

The Satchel - Young Award for MLB's Best Pitcher of the year

4 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Randy Moore

The barnstorming games that Satchel Paige played against other Major League Players are not being considered in his overall statistics. Paige's stats are not as good as they should be, which means that he may statistically be just as good or close to Cy Young's stats, so we believe the Cy Young award should be shared and now called the Satchel-Young award to make things right.

Good News

In 2020 the MLB finally made the decision to count Negro league games' stats

The Problem

Research shows:

That black players played 150 to 175 games per year.

The Negro leagues only played usually 40 to 50 games a year. Black players played most of their games in exhibition games called barnstormers against white MLB and white semi-pro teams, or in Latin America. These games are not counted towards their overall stats

The arguments to not count Barnstormers and Latin American league

  • They say we don't count winter ball or Latin league games now for MLB players today
  • They say the stats data from those games are hard to find.

Counter to these arguments

  • Black players didn't have a choice at the time, any MLB team would have signed these top players and they would be MLB stats
  • Barnstormer games had MLB players

Satchel Paige

He played till he was 59 years old, some years he didn't even play in the negro leagues because he was playing in barnstormers that paid more money

We believe if all of his professional career was counted he could be statistically one of the greatest pitchers of all time

We are fighting to get Satchel the recognition he deserves, but not take away the recognition of another great Cy Young, We propose they now share the pitcher of the year award and call the new award the Satchel-Young Award.

Negro league players had to go through so much horrific racism of their time, we believe this could be a great step to correct this wrong. Give African American kids someone that looks like them to look up to.

We are asking you to sign our petition to help us with this important fight




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Signatures: 33Next Goal: 50
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