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Waive Animal Shelter Fees For Citizens Incarcerated For Being Homeless

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The City of San Diego has been running sweeps that result in homeless citizens being incarcerated. Some of our homeless have companion animals who are confiscated during their arrest. They are unable to reunite with them due to their obvious inability to afford the incurred fees of the shelters. These animals are their family members, and no doubt loved just as much as if they were human family. Can you imagine having your loved one(s) taken from you?

Many of our homeless have mental health issues. Drinking and drugging is how some self-medicate. Many have commited suicide. According to research published by the American Psychological Association, animal companions can serve as important sources of social and emotional support for “everyday people,” not just individuals facing significant health challenges. Animals help people with mental health issues. Losing them this way could only add to those issues. 

The animals confiscated are not likely to be adopted, and must live in their own prisons having commited no crime, after being torn away from the people they love. Some may end up in kill shelters. Where is our sense of humanity? Let's prove that San Diego can keep it classy. 


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