"Heroin in a Pill" (OxyContin) made billions for 1 family. Can they give back to victims?

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Cindy Koontz
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Since OxyContin hit the market in the late nineties, it was the beginning of the end for entire communities across the United States. The opioid epidemic spread like wildfire as people developed an addiction to a pill that was deemed (by Purdue Pharma) to be "non-addictive". They admitted in court that they lied about the properties of this drug. They paid fines.... but they made billions. Now thousands are dead and millions are suffering. 3 out of 4 heroin addicts begin on prescription pills. Can the family that exclusively owns Purdue Pharma, (who made the top twenty on the Forbes List of the richest families in the US), give back to the communities that were decimated because of their false representation? They donate to museums & galleries, can they pay for rehabilitation for the addicts they created? Or funerals for families who lost their loved ones? Or homes for children left with no parents?