A zero-energy day to end war

A zero-energy day to end war

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Started by Adam Newby

Why can't the world take real action to end the war in Ukraine? Because we're too dependent on gas and oil from Russia. In Europe specifically, 40% of our gas comes from Russia. So if you're wondering why Vladimir Putin seems to be undeterred by Western sanctions, it's because there's one thing they can't touch: purchases of gas.

So let's take some action of our own: let's spend one day reducing the amount of gas we consume to a minimum. In doing so, we will send a message to the Russian government, as well as to our own governments, that we understand what the issue is, and we'll also be putting pressure on to switch to renewable energy sources, something we absolutely must do if we are to limit the effects of climate change.

Let's join together this Sunday 6th March, and take action!

Get prepared before the date:

- Get warm clothing together
- Prepare food
- Charge portable devices - phones, laptops, tablets, etc

Between midnight on  the morning of Sunday 6th March and the following midnight, reduce your energy consumption to a minimum. NB since much electricity is generated by burning gas, we should also reduce electricity consumption to a minimum:

1. If you have central heating, turn the temperature down to a minimum, eg 10 degrees (NB don't turn it off in case it freezes).
2. Eliminate as much energy use as possible: don't boil the kettle. Don't use your cooker (whether it's gas or electric) or microwave. Turn the TV off. Try to spend the entire 24 hours without using any energy, as far as you possibly can.

We can do this, together!


Note: if you are elderly or otherwise in danger without heating, please leave your heating on!


24 have signed. Let’s get to 25!