To make UK schools have “Racism and Equality” as a compulsory part of the curriculum.

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Students need to be educated on racial issues and the history of slavery closely. Many fail to understand the significance behind certain words aimed to degrade different racial groups. Casual racism is a major problem in schools across the UK with many believing that their racist jokes cause no harm and are acceptable in today’s society when it clearly isn’t. We’re constantly educated on the past mistakes in both world wars but little is mentioned in history about the slave trade, with teachers merely scraping the surface and not acknowledging the hate the grew in people. With the understanding and knowledge of why certain things aren’t appropriate, society can become a nicer place to be apart of, where people aren’t judged for their race or religion. People can be who they are without worrying about whether they “fit in” or not. It is time for things to finally change...for good! We are united in this world, so let us act like a union!