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JUSTICE FOR HENS: Cover the TRUE story of the M62 hen lorry crash.

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On 14th May 2014, over 1,000 chickens were killed when the lorry transporting them crashed into a safety barrier on the M62 in Greater Manchester.

The lorry was carrying 6,800 chickens when it crashed on the eastbound carriageway between junctions 11 and 12 at about 04:00 BST.

Louise Fields and Emma Billington (Justice For Hens) were witnesses to the aftermath and give their story as follows (excerpt):

"We live right next to the M62 motorway and it happened only meters from our house. We woke at 4am with a huge bang and we could hear a noise that sounded like people screaming.

We went running over and all the birds were screaming, it was deafening. Cages were up the embankment and scattered across the motorway, birds were loose and walking all over the carriageway. Many were already dead but there were dying birds all over the place with horrific injuries that will haunt us forever.

Two by two we just started carrying the birds off the motorway and up the embankment to our field for safety. Turning around to realize the extent of the numbers we were facing caused an overwhelming feeling of helplessness."



Louise, Emma and other volunteers spent a whole day rescuing as many birds as they could by hand, including setting up a 'chicken hospital' for the many wounded. They received no help from the police or other authorities once the chickens had been ferried off the road so that traffic could resume, and in fact were ordered to leave the site.

The worst of this is what happened to the trapped, injured and/or dying birds that the volunteers were unable to reach due to the damaged crates they were in:

"Then the realization that a local poultry farm had been called, and men in blue suits and white face masks suddenly appeared to take the live [hens] back off for slaughter was a devastating blow.

We had worked for at least 2 hours by this point and that’s when the worst part came. After all [the hens] had been through, they were being dragged up by their feet and thrown brutally back into their tiny crates, screaming in pain and wedged in. We were heart broken and stunned by what we saw. 

The sickening thing is that those who were thrown back into crates faced hours on that lorry, and when they were towed away they sat for hours at the [slaughterhouse] site! I can only imagine none of those made it. The others we could not help as the crates were so damaged we could not get the drawers opened -WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM???" 



Louise, Emma, their friends and other volunteers who helped to rescue the injured birds were appalled by the way in which the incident was grossly misrepresented by the mass media.

The truth in terms of chicken fatality numbers, how the survivors were removed from the road, and the treatment they received from the authorities were all either misrepresented or not reported at all, although BBC Radio 5 stated that the footage of the aftermath of the crash that Louise and Emma managed to obtain 'raises important questions on battery farming'.

Stragglers are still being found by the roadside days after the accident occured, ill and injured hens are still recuperating from their shock. Hen rescues and kind-hearted friends and volunteers are adopting the birds as many at a time as they can.



PLEASE help us to raise awareness of this issue, have the incident properly reported in the news and promoted for debate in Parliament. Show our government officials and media moguls that they are wrong about voter/reader interest in the plight of these poor hens. 

The truth of the issue MUST be brought to public awareness so that the blatant disregard for life and animal welfare that was displayed by officials at the crash site will not go unaccounted for and will not happen again.

We are hoping to get 2500 signatures to send directly to The Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP (Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and BBC News to show that people around the world ARE interested in the truth and DO want justice for this tragedy.


If you care, please sign and share.


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