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Mandatory microchip scanning of all cats and dogs at every vet visit.

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Whilst mandatory microchipping of dogs is welcomed, it is felt that this should also be extended to cats.

Further, it is also believed that revisions to the Animal Welfare Act 2006 should make provision for the mandatory scanning of all cats and dogs when presented at any and all veterinary appointments.  This is to help ensure that:

(a) pet records are kept up to date to help maintain the wellbeing and welfare of the animal; and

(b) lost or stolen pets are quickly reunited with owners.

On 11 September 2016 my Russian Blue x Chocolate Shorthair cat Annoushka 'Noosh' for short was stolen from my front garden. I know this for a fact.  Noosh was spayed, chipped and very much loved.

AniBase (now called Identibase) were informed, along with the crime number from my local police force to mark her records as stolen.  It was some 14 months later, on 6 November 2017 that I received a telephone call from a veterinary service to say that my beloved cat's body had been brought into them - and that by scanning her they had immediately been aware of her being stolen and contacted me.

Had Noosh been looked after properly, in spite of her having been stolen, she would have been presented to a vet in that intervening period whether for a wellness check or even to ascertain her vaccination status.  This did not happen.  It is strongly believed she was kept penned indoors as a 'house cat' (much against her natural desire to be an outdoorsy cat) and, on being spooked by the fireworks over the Bonfire Night/Weekend celebrations, managed to get out of the place she was being held, ventured onto a road and into the path of an oncoming car.

Mandatory chipping AND scanning will help preserve the welfare and wellbeing of the animal, especially in the current climate where pet theft is sadly on the increase.  I would also wish to see technology evolve where pet microchips are fitted with a GPS tracking device, but that type of petition is for another day.

Scanning a cat or a dog for a microchip is painless and takes just seconds to scan and check the records against the number/bar code.  Please support this petition to ensure that all pets are given further protection to ensure their safety, whether they get lost or, as in the case of my beautiful cat above, is stolen.


Lynda Bowyer

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