children's right to use a toilet during lesson times.

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I want to make it statutory practice for primary schools to allow pupils access to the toilet when required. For it to be an offence for primary schools to refuse a child a toilet trip. Not just children with incontinence problems but any young child. 

After several incidents with my daughter not been allowed to visit the toilet at school, it has come to light that many more parents of primary school children have had this same issue. Young children often wetting and soiling themselves because their teacher has refused them a trip to the toilet. 

They are too young to understand and certainly too young to be holding it in.

School teachers and teaching assistants do not realise the extent of the damage they could be causing to these children... holding it in can cause all kinds of physical problems, and wetting or soiling yourself in a classroom full of children could have serious, and long term, emotional damage. Either way it is detrimental to a child's health and well being.

My daughter is prone to water infections and is on a high dose of laxatives daily, if she needs the toilet she needs the toilet... right away! I have fought tooth and nail for my daughter's right to be allowed a trip to the toilet when required, I have also sat and consoled her on far too many occasions when she's been left to wet herself and be in pain due to been told she is not allowed to go to the toilet.

Medical problems aside she is far too young to be asking for the toilet simply to 'mess about' or 'get out of lessons'!

I have been told on several occasions by teachers and teaching assistants that it is 'school policy' that children are made to wait until break or lunch time (even then they are not allowed to go at actual lunch time only play time after lunch).

I requested a meeting with the head teacher and asked for a copy of the school's toilet policy who told me there is no such policy. So basically it's just the staff deciding that they are not going to let our children visit the toilet.

I have spoken to ofsted and the local department of education who have both said that this is not a policy that they would ever put in place and they certainly do not support, so therefore it is at the school's individual discretion as to how they handle their pupils.

This needs to stop!

Please sign and share this petition so that hopefully we can between us be heard.

From one parent to another,

Thank you x

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