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Make It A Compulsory Part of the School Curriculum To Teach Same Sex Education

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Being a member of the LGBTQ+ society myself, I am sick and tired of being a walking encyclopaedia for ignorant straight people who want to ask me what two women do in bed and who want to invalidate my sexuality and disregard it completely and accuse many of us of being charlatans.

I should not be expected to answer everyone's questions and explain to everyone what goes on in a very intimate part of many gay or trans peoples lives. And for this exact reason it is VITAL that the department for education adds same sex education as a compulsory part of education to decrease the amount of people who just don't understand LGBTQ+ relationships and how they work and who have a unnecessary negative and ignorant attitude towards such normal things. 

I would also like to mention that along with many of these Eastern European immigrants, they are bringing homophobia into this country which we don't need anymore of if we take a look at the current suicide rates of LGBTQ+ youth which has lowered by 7 percent, but should be lowered to the point where it rarely if ever happens. 

If this government, even has an ounce of humanity within them, it will see this through and add this to a compulsory part of the school curriculum. By doing this, in a few decades time, people within this country will not be as confused and ignorant as to what certain people get up to behind closed doors and in this case, between the sheets.

Educate the people! Enlighten the people! CHANGE the imminent future!

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