Metal on metal hips and the damage they cause NEEDS formal investigation.

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Many hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have been used as human Guinea pigs during the implantation of metal on metal hips, including the BHR. No research was done into the complications, side effects or even the success rate, prior to their use. No-one warned us about cobalt and chromium poisoning, necrosis, pseudotumours, cardiac complications, neurological complications, kidney failure, hearing loss, that is without the nerve damage, tissue damage, weakened bones surrounding the implant, the loss of mobility and our independence. Quality of life has hit rock bottom for so many, with some even contemplating suicide! The manufacturers of their joints need to face up to the damage caused and actually compensate the victims whose lives they have destroyed, it is a form of physical abuse, they have violated our bodies!! De-Puy, Smith and Nephew, Stryker, Zimmer, BioMet, to name a few. Medicines must be tested, regulated and approved before being released for public use, yet joint implants do not!! This is just the tip of a huge iceberg, many hip replacement patients have no idea they have a ticking time bomb inside their bodies!