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I would like the education secretary to change the way schools treat disability

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My son has Asperger's syndrome. He is in mainstream school and has a statement. He is in mainstream due to the fact he is so bright so a special secondary is of no help to him. My sons handwriting isn't always eligible but due to being in the top sets at his school, he doesn't want to seem different so is refusing to use a laptop. Totally understand. He has a big issue with being different and sticking out. However, if he doesn't start using one by year 10 (currently year 9) it stops him from being able to use one in his gcse exams. If this happens, his handwriting can affect what grades he gets. I was told that unfortunately, due to government guidelines, special needs children are all treated the same. However, I feel this is wrong. All children are different, but all special needs are different too and should be treated as such. Why should my son and others like him be penalised for bad handwriting, or whatever maybe a childs Achilles heel, in his GCSEs? Surely whether he uses a laptop or not beforehand should not be an issue. My son is in a catch 22. He is too bright to be classed as having learning difficulty however, he has a statement. More needs to be done in schools to tailor the requirements to the needs of the child rather than use one set of rules for all children. I would like the education secretary to take another look at the disabilities and not just do a one rule fits all guideline, I want a proper rethink on the way schools with the different types of special needs. Obviously handwriting is not the only issue, it's an example, but I and many parents like me, are frustrated that the system is not working for our autistic children especially. Please please sign as I want the government to listen to parents of these children and have an input on what should be done, especially in secondary schools. Thank you for reading this and I hope you will sign. I would be very grateful. 

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