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Intergenerational Social Experiment - Old People's Home for 4 Year Old's

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Being the parent of a 3 year old myself, with another on the way, I often see the joy that he brings to his Great Nan who is 95 years old. 

He lights up her otherwise very dull and boring life, where she sits in an armchair clock watching or waiting for her favourite TV programme to come on which she can barely see or hear.

After recently watching the child experiment on Channel 4 where a group of Toddlers visited and Old People's Home in Bristol over a six week period, it was absolutely amazing to see the joy they brought to their otherwise boring daily routines.

Opposed to sitting in "God's Waiting Room" they absolutely revolutionised the way the elderly approached life once again and gave them an entire new lease of life.

Not only are there valuable lessons to be learned from both age groups, most importantly it regenerates the respect in society that is often now sadly lacking.

Firstly if you have not already done so, please stream an episode of the documentary for yourself and see how moving it is. Not only are the results medically proven in Episode 2 to have an overwhelming and positive effect on the elderly, but also it can change the way society interacts with one another intergenerationally.

in order to make Great Britain "Great" again, this is a small step to making it a reality and certainly something I would be proud for my child to participate in under the appropriate care and supervision of either his Nursery or Pre-School.


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