Petition the Uk government to listen to leading health chiefs to end the war on drugs

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The first step in any plan to alleviate this dreadful affliction should be the establishment of government control and dispensation – at cost – of habit-forming drugs. With the profit motive gone, no effort would be made to encourage its use by private dispensers of narcotics, and the drug peddler and his criminal and violent use of drug turf wars would be eradicated and would disappear.

The Billions of pounds spent on the war on drugs could be put to much better use. The NHS, education and policing would all benefit from this extra funding instead of it currently being wasted.  As many of us know , those people in society who want drugs can get drugs irrespective of the law. Those who do mot choose drugs will still have no compunction to use drugs should they be made legal.

Legislation could be made for licensing and safe premises of sale. An ID card could be used to ensure only over 18s can purchase and, could be used to limit the amount purchased each day. The government could buy direct from approved manufacturers and would ensure purity and value for money. 

New addicts would be speedily discovered and through early treatment, some of these unfortunate victims might be saved from becoming hopelessly incurable. And a few years from now the drug problem would be finally eradicated, giving the youth a realistic idea of what drugs do to lives, and the lost generation of the 80s and 90s would finally mo longer have to behave as criminals to source the drugs they need to make their worthless lives have meaning, and can be brought back into society

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