Free Fiona Smith, #Right2Refuse protester & platypus advocate

Free Fiona Smith, #Right2Refuse protester & platypus advocate

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Abolish Psychiatry Party started this petition to The Royal Melbourne Hospital - John Cade Adult Acute Inpatient Unit Level 1 and

Fiona Smith, platypus advocate and #Right2Refuse protester was about to head up to the 10th Oct rally in Canberra, for VOP day, but instead is being arbitrarily detained & tortured at Royal Melbourne John Cade, forcibly, likely prepping her for human research involving forced Risperdal Consta injections. These injections could prove lethal, as Fiona Smith is having severe allergic reactions to Risperdal/ Respiradone Consta, that Janssen-Cilag warn about on their website.

Forced Rispirdal/ Respiradone Consta is not a ‘least restrictive measure’, not supportive, or necessary, rather it is dangerously harmful and a huge risk to Fiona Smith’s health, well-being and life. 

Fiona Smith does NOT consent to be in human research trial ACTRN12609000317291, which includes Risperadal Consta injections. She does NOT consent to this injection being used on her for 3 times for 6 weeks prior to enrollment in trial ACTRN12609000317291, or any other research that involves this drug.

Such research without consent, is a violation of the Federal Responsible Research Code 8.2, for harm caused to Fiona Smith et al & 8.3 for the river life harmed by excess of synthetic toxins that cannot be removed from waste water.

Fiona Smith cannot be said to fall into the category of ‘emergency’ and to do so is a perverse corrupt use of emergency powers.

It is unclear what Dr Tiggy means by ‘psychosis’, it seems nebulous, and slanderous. And indeed what the crime of psychosis could possibly be that must be so harshly punished with arbitrary detention and neurotoxins known to cause intellectual and physical retardation, dis-figuration of attractiveness, and rapid deterioration of bodily organs (especially dangerous to people over 45.)

Fiona has committed NO CRIME. The medicalisation, slander of Fiona Smith by Mental Health Personnel and discrimination on the basis of disability is the crime here. Fiona Smith is a Victim of Psychiatrists, and should be allowed the right to refuse psychiatrists' products, procedures, programs and their bloody beds!

Fiona Smith has been sending email petitions for the purpose of awareness campaigning. She is alleging serious abuse, neglect and violence from Mental Health personnel towards persons with disabilities. She should be redirected to report to the correct channels, should anyone find her emails not something they can act on, channels such as the Federal Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse and Neglect of Persons with Disabilities, should be an obvious redirection. Why was that so difficult for Mental Health personnel to accomplish? This simple redirection and support of much needed reporting of these serious crimes. Instead they want to shut Fiona Smith up? Torture her with forced drugging and detain her, to break her under torture.

Fiona Smith has been having serious reactions to Rispiradone/ Risperdal for some time, which is increasing in severity. Recogising that the drug was causing her adverse reactions, she sought out a GP to safely withdraw from this drug. Fiona should not be condemned for doing this, she certainly shouldn’t be condemned for suffering withdrawal symptoms and feeling outrage at those who have forced these drugs into her body (and have profited in the course of their work from doing so), while Fiona has suffered massive damage to her life and livelihood from having this and other neurotoxins forced on her.

Fiona should be allowed the right to withdraw from these neurotoxins (Risperidone/ Respirdal) and not be labelled with vicious slurs as a result of withdrawal symptoms.

Fiona is an engaging and intelligent woman who speaks the truth. Support from lawyers into clarifying that truths she writes and speaks of, into that which is suitable to a court of law, is the support Fiona Smith needs, not further exploitation from Mental Health Personnel, who need to be prosecuted.

Fiona Smith is an active protester, UN Reporter and petitioner in the legitimate right to refuse forced psychiatry and forced human research, a right that is supported by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Arbitrary detention and inflicting medical research on a person on the basis of accused disability MUST be considered abhorrent for very obvious ethical reasons.

Please urge Royal Melbourne John Cade to release Fiona Smith, and stop forcing Risperdal/ Risperdone Consta injections. Demand Fiona Smith be immediately released from arbitrary detention at Royal Melbourne John Cade and permitted to choose a medical practitioner that supports her in withdrawing from these neurotoxins that Royal Melbourne John Cade Mental Health Personnel have forced into her body putting her life in danger. Fiona Smith must also have the right to refuse a medical practitioner that doesn’t suit her.

Fiona Smith also has duties concerning animal welfare, and needs to return to her flat ASAP to look after her cat.

There must be no more harassment at Fiona Smith’s flat, by Mental Health Personnel, who insist on maintaining her as a cash-cow tied to their services, products, procedures, research and programs, that she does not want to participate in. To bundle housing into a coercive-control as well as forced psychiatry and forced human research is just hideously unethical and not socially supportive at all, rather corrupt and violating.

Fiona Smith must be permitted to disengage from people who she does not want in her life. She should not have to fear that another person, whom she does not trust, has the key to her home.

Harassment and threats to animal life must be taken seriously by housing providers and stopped. A grievance this serious must be investigated. The person who reports (the harassment, and threats to animal life) such as Fiona Smith did, should not be then silenced by forced psychiatry, such as Fiona Smith has been. This victim-blaming is lazy and cruel for a housing provider.

A person who has information on the violence, abuse and neglect in the Mental Health System, should be supported in reporting through correct channels, such as the Federal Royal Commission; rather than left to despair that no one will do anything to stop the violence, abuse and neglect of persons with disabilities.

This is not about what psychiatrists accuse Fiona Smith of, this is about what Fiona accuses the treating and consultant psychiatrists of, and whether those psychiatrists need to be jailed for their violations of Fiona Smith. It is the supervising, researching, treating and consultant psychiatrists and the other Mental Health Personnel involved, that have committed a violent crime against Fiona Smith, and there is no accusation which makes their violations of her body, for their profit, a lawful ethical thing to do.


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