Stop the proposed development of the Moorings at Willows Riverside Park, Windsor

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To sign this petition is to object to the development of the moorings at Willows Riverside Park, Windsor, SL4 5TR. The development has been proposed by Haulfryn Estate Company Ltd (18/02344/FULL). Below is a summary of a few of the main reasons as to why we believe this development should be halted:

1) UNNECESSARY DEVELOPMENT  - To justify a development on the Green Belt, there need to be 'very special circumstances'.  There are no such circumstances here. The license that applies is for 'traditional boats' and these are self-sufficient and do not need this level of electric and water provision.

2) GREEN BELT -  Paragraph 89 of the National Planning Policy Framework makes clear that the construction of new buildings within the Green Belt is inappropriate. The combined effect of higher, more visible bins and an increase in the size of  electrical boxes is an addition of 57% extra volume and, therefore, inappropriate and damages the openness of the Green Belt.

3) BREACH OF SITE LICENCE - Where children live on a site, space equivalent to one-tenth of the total area should be allocated for recreational purposes (Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960, Section 3 Site License No. C.M.6).  This application ignores this requirement.  

4) APPEARANCE -  The objective of the application is stated to create a 'visual improvement' the moorings.  To remove the angled galvanised posts would be downright dangerous as they stop boats grounding in the event of a flood. The application fails to explain how boats would connect to the new water and electric services under normal and flooding conditions and there is a distinct possibility that pipes and cables would be a trip hazard.  The proposed, new bin enclosures are inadequate as the are not big enough to accommodate food waste bins or clinical waste which would almost certainly lead to clutter and detritus building up. 

5) CLIMATE CHANGE - This application takes no account of climate change. Weather patterns suggest an increased likelihood of flood. Subsequently, the risk assessment is not up to date. 

6) FISHING AREA - This has been available to residents for some 80 years, many of whom have bought fishing licenses.  The application ignores this: especially important as area also serves as hard-standing for emergency services' equipment in the case of fire. 

7) SOIL INSTABILITY - Haulfryn Ltd's own survey points out that ground upon which the park is sited is unstable. A number of homes have had to be demolished and to further disturb this ground puts existing home owners' properties at risk. The digging of trenches to connect the proposed sewage pipes to existing tanks in unstable ground is of concern.   The existing tanks are already at full capacity.

8) LOOK AT THE PHOTOGRAPH - Does it look as if the moorings need redeveloping?  If you don't think they do...... sign the petition.  Thank you

Appeal decision reference: APP/T0355/W/17/3185357 

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