Rowland hall sweatshirt freedom

Rowland hall sweatshirt freedom

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Started by Jett Winkler

The Rowland Hall community would like to start a petition on the topic of the school’s dress code. By this we do not mean the shirts, we mean sweatshirts. 

Our first reason is that the weather is cooling and not many people have a lot of sweatshirts. The outside weather is cold, and not many people have enough sweatshirts with the school emblem to use a new one every day, not even every other day. A solution for this would be to close the windows but that suggestion is immediately denied because since COVID-19 appeared, windows must be open for air circulation. Therefore allowing more types of sweatshirts would make it so every student would have more in total which would be more than enough to change the sweatshirts daily.

Our second reason we should allow more types of sweatshirts is to save ourselves and others’ time. At the beginning of class a lot of teachers have to look at their class and check if everyone is in dress code. is This can waste up to two minutes of class time due to how far some people's lockers are. This may not seem like much time upfront but it adds up with how many days of school we have.

In conclusion, letting us wear our own sweatshirts will be more sanitary and will save time.

Authors-Kaya Akkor and Jett Winkler

181 have signed. Let’s get to 200!