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'The Rohingya. Worlds most prosecuted and forgotten'.

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Please help me raise awareness and make good changes for the ‘Burma Genocide’ on Rohingya Muslims. They are described by the UN as “one of the world’s most persecuted minorities”. 

England is such a diverse cultural country that it’s shown me from as a youngster  that you can’t judge people on what they can’t help, especially if it’s harming no one. Never have I felt threatened for being Muslim female, if I ever did I know someone will see the wrong and help stop it.  

However it’s a complete contrast reality for Rohingya Muslims in Burma. The Burmese government allows it military to isolate, torture, rape, and murder all RohingyaMuslims while depriving them of access to clean water, food and charitable aid organisation helping them. Death toll rises and 12,000 plus are made homeless/mosques areburnt down. 

Why? Simply to Genocide Islam out of Burma and allow the influential majority Buddhism to be the only religion. This is called ‘Ethnic Cleansing’.  

Islam has been in Burma since 8th century. Still the government doesn’t class the Rohingya as citizens. Why? 

Why is it in England that Buddhism and Islam both religions of peace can live in civil? It’s because the government see the poor, helpless minority as a threat of possible terrorism. Not even ‘Noble Peace Prize’ winner ‘Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma tries stop this crime of Human Rights. She states that they “should not be considered (Burmese) citizens.”  

Now, Rohingya are desperately fleeing to Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand shores. Doing by any means to make thousands to pay ‘fishermen’ to illegally export them as cargo. When instead their taken in cramped unsafe condition too far out island hostage camps, and relatives are forced to pay more or never see their loved one alive again. Most able Rohingya are forced to labour on private owned ships.  

Enough is enough; it’s been more than a year. Please sign this petition for William Hague to raise aid awareness in Europe. For plans of enforcing law to stop injustice of all minorities living in Burma. To stop trade with Burma until it's government enforces the police and troops to disband Rohingya Muslims held hostage on island of ransom.  

 Yours Faithfully

Alicia Mohammad (UK)

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