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The Right to Peaceful and Proper Funerals

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The Right to Peaceful and Proper Funerals

·         At no time should a protester be allowed on any funeral home property.

·         During escort to burial grounds all United States uniform, and government personnel should be escorted by a minim of three officers all in police vehicles.

·          If protesters want to express their first amendment during the escort to the burial grounds then for the safety for all, protesters should be on the sidewalks of the route to the grave site, but not within a ¼ mile from cemetery property or funeral homes property.

·         At the cemetery ceremonies, 30 minutes before the casket and family departs from funeral home till 30 minutes after the last person leaves the cemetery ceremonies, protesters should be 1,000 feet away from the cemeteries property.

·         At any other services like a memorial service protesters should maintain the ¼ mile distance from the property that the services are being held.

Those who violate these fair distances should be guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction subjected to imprisonment not exceeding 1 year or fined not exceeding $30,000 or both. I feel with my proposed Bill, it allows protesters of any funerals the right to their first amendment in which I have even helped fight for,  as well as the people in mourning the right to mourn properly.


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