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The right to donate blood regardless of orientation.: Allow gay males to openly donate blood.

It is important that everyone have the power to help save a life or lives. No one should be judged on a reason such as orientation when it comes to donating something to sustain a life.

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President of the United States
The ability to give blood, (A life saving miracle) has unfortunately been illegal to give if you're an openly gay male. I urge you to overturn the ruling or ultimately review the FDA's viewpoint/law on a circumstance that has been outdated for many years. It is no longer 1985 and people; gay, bi, transgender, asexual or any other preference, shouldn't be a matter of life or death. With the medical advancements of this day we shouldn't be preemptive to say a gay human being is any less contagious than a straight human being. Excluding a life saving element based on where it comes from is a biased viewpoint from a no longer relevant age. I urge you, to save lives, to please end the ban on openly gay males to give blood to those who need it.

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