Petitioning Prime Minister of Canada The Right Honourable Stephen Harper and 4 others

We collectively ask that you drop the $1,000 permit fee and 15 day wait period required by actors and directors to come and work in Canada.

In an attempt to curtail the problem of temporary foreign workers in Canada you run the risk of effectively devastating the Canadian Film Industry by lumping us into the same catergory as companies who abused the program by employing foreign workers to replace Canadians. This despite the fact that the Canadian Film Industry in 2011, generatd $9.7 billion in direct GDP for example, we workers earned $6.4 billion in income and our industry produced almost $5.5 billion in tax revenue in that year alone.

You did have the foresight to exclude musicians and singers yet overlooked an industry which generates billions of dollars a year in this country, boosts the economy, employs thousands of workers and sustains hundreds of off-shoot industries such as car rental companies, caterers, antique shops and many, many others.

Productions can not run their business of course, without being assured that the actors, directors and sometimes other speciliazed crew they need will be allowed to come here to work and most often they are needed at the last moment.

The effects of your 15 day waiting period are already affecting our industry and the $1,000 fee is simply unfair to the people we cannot do without. You can't ask someone to pay to work here when we need them so badly for our economic survival can you?

We ask that you correct this oversight immediately. Add the Film Industry to the list of professionals who are exempt from the new rules which were set out to curb foreign workers from taking jobs from Canadians because as of now your new rules are taking thousands of jobs from us.

Letter to
Prime Minister of Canada The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Minister of Employment and Social Development The Honourable Jason Kenney
Minister of Labour The Honourable K. Kellie Leitch
and 2 others
Citizenship and Immigration Minister The Honourable Chris Alexander
Minister of Finance The Honourable Joe Oliver
Please drop the $1,000 permit fee and 15 day wait period now required by foreign actors and directors to work in Canada.