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David Parr Chief Executive of Halton Council should be sacked

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David Parr at Halton Borough Council should be sacked or very least stand down.

The people of Halton and surrounding towns and cities feel David Parr (who doesn’t even live in the borough) is not fit to hold the position of Chief Executive at Halton Borough Council anymore. We have no confidence in him as the council leader and we think he should be sacked.

He does not have our interests at heart. We can name many reasons but feel the following are some of the worse decisions he’s allowed.

........ He allowed a poisonous incinerator to be built in Runcorn despite the thousands against it, knowing Halton has one of the worst cancer rates in the UK. It has since failed legal levels, putting people’s health and ultimately lives at even more risk.

......... He’s now sat back and allowed countless job losses in and around the north west due to such extreme toll charges on the new Mersey Gateway Bridge.

People can’t afford to live and go to work in his borough anymore and he thinks that’s a good thing as he does nothing but defend the bridge. Teachers are leaving schools, nurses are been forced out of the borough, police are transferring out as they all can’t afford the £90 a month to go to work anymore.

Our continuing taxes are also paying for this bridge as the NHS refunds disctrict nurses, carers, Doctors and other medical staff just to cross it to continue in work time. Where will the NHS find money in their budget for a bridge?

He obviously can’t understand what thousands of people/families are telling him, so in that case we feel he’s not capable of continuing the job anymore.

He NEVER listens to the very people who pay his extortionate wages as all he can do is repeat the same drivel he’s said from day 1.

We have now had enough of been ignored, lied to, and to be made like we don’t matter.
We have no confidence in David Parr and can’t see that after standing back allowing this bridge to ruin peoples lives, that he should be allowed to keep his job. (Hundreds are losing theirs so why should he keep his!)

He has literally sold this borough down the river. Please sign and spread this petition if you think he should be held accountable for all the distress and misery he’s put on hard working families just before Christmas. 



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