Trudeau, PLEASE sue Scheer!

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April, 2019

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Under testimony, Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould, lawyer, Attorney General, & Justice Minister, completely exonerated you on the SNC-Lavalin file by clearly stating to the Parliamentary Committee that you had broken no laws. Additionally, this was also confirmed by Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick during his testimony.

Additionally, Andrew Scheer discussed a possible “deferred prosecution agreement” with SNC CEO Neil Bruce on May 29, 2018. What right does an Opposition Leader have meeting with the CEO of a company being charged by the Canadian Government? Did Scheer's involvement jeopardize the case? Additionally, Hugh Segal, an SNC-Lavalin Director during the SNC fraud became Stephen Harper's adviser. What fraud information has flowed from Segal to Scheer through Harper? And why did John Baird, a Conservative Minister, put his boots on the the ground in Libya during wartime, when and where much of the alleged SNC corruption was taking place? And why did Harper, without tender, sell Atomic Energy of Canada to SNC for $15 million dollars when that Crown Corporation had cost hard-working Canadian Taxpayers billions of dollars to develop? Without any explanation of these arm's length associations between Harper, Segal, Baird, Scheer and SNC, Andrew Scheer has defamed you, the Prime Minister attempting to save 9000 Canadian jobs at risk. 

Please sue Andrew Scheer for every penny he is worth, allowing the Government to prioritize the Climate Change file, the issue destroying our planet for our grandchildren. During the lawsuit, please determine all of the questions above, from why the Conservatives gave away, without tender, a multi-billion dollar asset owned by Canadians, to what Andrew Scheer would have done to save those jobs.


Millions of Canadian Taxpayers and our Grandchildren who want a planet to live on.