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The Right Honourable John Bercow MP, Speaker of The House: To introduce upcoming budget proposals to Parliament as Supply Bills

Within our political system, a vote against a Supply Bill is considered as a vote of no confidence against the government.
We the people of the United Kingdom call upon you, John Bercow, to potentially save our country. We demand that all proposals of the upcoming budget are introduced to the lower house as Supply Bills, and not as Fiscal Bills. As Speaker, this decision is completely yours, and in doing so could allow our MP's to deal with a government that at best is incompetent, and at worst woefully corrupt.

Let us remind you of your own words, spoken when you took the position of Speaker of the House;

"I wanted it because I felt that there was a task to be undertaken and that's about strengthening back bench involvement and opportunity in parliament, and helping parliament get off its knees and recognize that it isn't just there as a rubber-stamping operation for the government of the day, and as necessary and appropriate to contradict and expose the government of the day."

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  • The Right Honourable John Bercow MP, Speaker of The House

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