Petition Update

Unifying Petitions

Jeff Rose-Martland

Jun 22, 2013 — And finally, petition news!

As we near the 2000 mark, many of you may be wondering ‘What’s the point? Where is this thing going?’ Well, it’s going to the Governor General, of course! I have been in touch with the originators of other similar petitions and we have a plan. During next weekends Stop Harper events, similar petitions will be circulating for participants to sign. Then, in early July, we will gather ALL of these petitions together and present them to the Governor General. We are still working on details, but rest assured that your voice will be heard and not lost in cyberspace.

Over the next 10 days, spread the word and share the link, especially on Stop Harper Day. Together, we can put a stop to this mess and get back OUR Canada.

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