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Dismiss Prime Minister Stephen Harper from Office and Call a Full Election


The Prime Minister's lengthy avoidance of matters that are important to the Canadian people, such as the Idle No More movement, has directly allowed the country to increasing grow into civil unrest. It is GLOBALLY apparent that this is an issue that people are deeply passionate about and has grown beyond a First Nations issue, as the environment impacts all Canadians. As Governor General you have a duty in, "...promoting national identity by supporting and promoting Canadian values, diversity, inclusion, culture and heritage." PM Harper's blatant ignoring of this issue until civil uprising occurred, his blatant disregard for the input of the Canadian people and their values and heritage has proven his disrespect for Canadians, not to mention abuses of his and his party's functions, creation of unconstitutional laws, and proven multiple electoral frauds and therefore he should be removed from office. Please do not wait until the situation escalates and he calls in the army, therefore justifying his spending on the military and using the Canadian military against its own people.

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  • Governor General of Canada
    The Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada

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