Let girls play Rugby League in mixed gender teams to age group U12's like they do with Rugby Union in the UK, and also with Rugby League in Australia.

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Mine is number 11 in the photo. She's not the only girl on the team, she's not the best player... she just loves rugby league!! But she can't play after this season. Not because she's not good enough, but because she turned 10 last Friday and she's a girl...

Girls in the UK can only play Rugby League until Under 11's. For areas that struggle for players, like Furness, there is no girls league. The boys teams struggle to attract players so there is no U11's league. Instead the age groups go straight from U10's to U12's.

This means the boys teams at U12's are short of players, and the girls have to stop playing as there are no local girls teams. They would have to travel to Yorkshire to continue to play (a minimum 3 hour round trip!!).

In Australia, girls can play on mixed gender teams until U12's, and in the UK girls can play on mixed gender teams for Rugby Union until U12's.

I recognise that as children develop, the physical differences in terms of strength combined with changes through puberty mean that girls and boys on a mixed team may not be ideal for the older ages, however at age U12 these physical changes are not enough to make any significant difference. 

If it works for Australia, where Rugby League is a sport that is huge amongst both men and women, it should also work here!!!

My daughter plays rugby league on a mixed team, along with another girl, and wants to continue to play. She could have the opportunity at secondary school, but this means a 12 month break from the game for her and approximately 5 other girls who play locally in the U10's league. The senior school she will attend do not currently teach girls Rugby League as there are so few opportunities for girls to play locally.

I believe that allowing girls to play until U12's will increase the popularity of Rugby League amongst girls and allow the gap between U10's and U12's to be filled for the boys teams.

As the current age restrictions stand, she has to stop playing after this season has ended.

Please support this petition so that Rugby League remains a sport played locally in an area with such a rich history of clubs and players, by allowing girls to continue to play until secondary school age, where more boys AND girls will gain exposure to the game.

Level the playing field and create a pathway for girls to play the sport they love!!


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