The return of our children.

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Good morning. Are names are Sabrina Jones Clayton Casperson. We have been clean and sober for over 6years now. We live in Enderby BC. We can't seem to get our two youngest sons home. Our eldest son has been in are care for over 6years now. We my partner and son have had extensive trauma THERAPY for over 3years so that we could be the best PARENTS possible. In just over 2 years we have been able to build a successful business and we also bought a house. I have had my visit terminated due to the fact that I keep bringing up my so is obese. They will not address this problem. The foster mom it is documented swears and grabs his arm so hard it feels like it will bleed. His foster sister has sat on his face smothering him and just this August reported that foster sister is punching him again. We bring this up and nothing is done. Also we had unrestricted 10 hours of visits a week. They cut that time from 10 hours to 4 hours because we protested that he is being abused. PLEASE HELP US IF YOU CAN. We have a huge file on everything. Form all are hard work and all the Complaints. Neither has been addressed. Our son calls himself fat and stupid. This is the image that they have implanted in my sons conscience. When ever he feels like he does something wrong he says he is stupid. PLEASE HELP US GET OUR BOYS HOME. We have not had a single visit with are middle son Ever. They will not give us access to him we don't know why. Our lives are a open book for any one to look. Have everything documented. PLEASE HELP US HELP OUR CHILDREN TOO COME HOME. Thank you and sincerely Sabrina Jones Clayton Casperson.