Londonderry says “No” to green bins.

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Penrith Council have would like to give the residents green bins. We believe this in unnecessary snd a waste of resources.  The high majority of people in Londonderry live on above average block sizes up to 5 acre properties and more. 

The residents of Londonderry have and have had for decades many environmentally friendly ways to dispose of our green waste such as composting, mulching and feeding their green waste to livestock. 

This makes the decision to add a green bin not only unnecessary but also a waste of resources by the people who have decided to implement it. As the trucks that pick them up will be collecting empty green bins all through Londonderry. Wasting time, effort, energy, wages and fossil fuels on the truck and staff tasked with collection. 

Seeing the bins are not required we ask you to not go ahead with the changes proposed to the bin system in Londonderry.