A resolution to support and educate about the Terrace Mountain Resort and Marina Project

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A resolution to support and educate about the Terrace Mountain Resort and Marina Project

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UPDATE!!!!! UPDATE!!!! This is not a change to the petition but an addition to the resolution to include some facts about the project. Please remember this project is in the CONCEPTUAL Stage. There are not concrete plans, and there will not be any plans if we do not work together to support this project moving forward to get answers. Rod Roberts and his team would like to build a year round resort on 900 acres of land that Mr. Roberts currently owns. He has been studying properties such as Omni Bedford Springs for comparison. The resort would offer spa services, fine dining, access to trails and so much more. During construction stages, the resort could employ over 250 + people. Once the Resort is in place another 250+ jobs would be established. The rule in tourism allows for 2 employees for every one room located within a resort of the proposed size.  Should Mr Roberts gain the ability to lease the federal land on Hawn's Peninsula, more options would become available to the resort goers and general public. Environmental studies will be conducted to show optimal placement for low impact facilities like primitive camping, restaurants, and environmental center, and a Marina. Preliminary studies show a maximum opportunity to permit 100 permanent slips and up to 50 transient slips. Due to the terrain, access will be limited to the peninsula except foot traffic and small electric vehicles. Resort goers and the general public will have the thrill of the descent being a tourist attraction in itself, as ideas have been suggested like an incline, gondolas, and zip lines. Without your voice in this resolution, this project can not move past a conceptual state. If we do not work together to get officials to allow this project to move forward, We will NOT get the opportunity to get answers. We will NOT have our input in the opportunity, NOT be able to share our concerns, or continue talks about conservation with growth.  I ask that you please sign and share this resolution. Please contact your local representatives. Please call, email, or visit the Army Corps of Engineers to tell them to continue open lines of communication with Mr Roberts and his team. Please ask your school boards, municipalities, your agency boards, your civic organizations, your board of directors to show their support publicly for getting answers for Mr Roberts. Share messages of encouragement on Social Media, in the Opinion Line, in your meetings, in your conversations, at the dinner table. Yes Dinner Table!! This is a project that needs the support of today's generation for tomorrow's Generation.  Please feel free to email any questions, concerns or comments to terracemtpetition@gmail.com    ***ORIGINAL RESOLUTION MESSAGE*** This is NOT a petition, But a call for a resolution.  A group of individuals resolved to working together in support of opportunity. A group committed to the education and open lines of communications needed to further progress towards the Terrace Mountain Resort and Marina Project. Mr Roberts and his team spoke strongly of their admiration for the people of this area, for the awe inspiring views of Trough Creek Valley, and of their desires to provide this project as both a prosperous opportunity to the residents and visitors to the resort but a project in tune with the needs of surrounding nature, natural resources and residents. No economic growth is without out concessions for all parties. But what is being asked of us now is the ability to communicate on ways to move forward and lessen the impact of those concessions TOGETHER. Open lines of communication between all parties involved to educate others and develop a clear path, free of uncertainties and of negativity. Many people forget that this project is in a conceptual stage. The negativity has begun based on comments of unfounded or misleading information based on “What if’s” or “Way Back When” statements. If we can show Mr. Roberts, his team, the Army Corps of Engineers, the commissioners, and so on that we are committed to the opportunity for growth; Then conversations can be moved in a direction that will allow for further evaluation of the situation. Studies that will allow Mr. Roberts team to study concerns like: what will the traffic patterns look like, will the water tables shift, can the lake handle the boats, will our taxes change for the better or for the worse? None of these answers can happen without the strong support from all the open minded, concerned citizens and visitors to show we want answers. I say concerned, as no one should be asked to blindly accept the changes without educating yourself to the change. Join me in a resolution in showing Mr. Roberts and his team as well as the blatant naysayers that there is a better option. WORKING TOGETHER.  Let this process move forward! This is an opportunity that we will not take lightly. We are optimistic about the impact that the Terrace Mountain Resort and Marina will have on us but what to work together to get to the end result. Why not make it OUR MARINA and OUR RESORT!!!!!

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