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Don’t allow the use of a coal tar asphalt rejuvenator on Winding River’s roads.

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There is a planned road rejuvenation project that is going to start very soon in Winding River that will use an asphalt rejunvenation product to attempt to extend the life of the roads here. The problem is, asphalt rejuvenators contain coal tar and other chemicals that contain carcinogens. Coal tar products are banned in several more progressive states. Coal tar products have even been banned by the City of New York.  After a coal tar product is applied to a road surface, over time the chemicals can leach into the ground water and storm water systems and will end up in the Lockwood Folly River. Perhaps even more alarming, the contaminants in the product could slowly, over time, become microscopic dust that will end up in all of the homes adjacent to the roads. This dust can wind up in the human body and elevate cancer risks, especially in young children. It can also affect pets and wildlife.  

There is a lot of detailed scientific research I’ve read on the dangerous effects these products may have to human and animal health and life, most especially elevated cancer risk, that I can share with anyone interested. However, we don’t have a lot of time-the project is scheduled to start in early November. I have a very young child and I am extremely concerned about the long term effects on his health should this toxic product be applied to the roads in our beautiful community. I know that many of you have children, grandchildren and pets that you would want to protect from a serious health risk that could jeopardize their future. This risk is too large to take! To decide that the risk of cancer or other health problems is low enough and be willing to take that risk is not worth it! Please sign this petition so that we can let the Board know that we do not want the project to move forward as planned.

There are other solutions to extending the life of the roads in Winding River that do not involve the use of coal tar products. Alternative avenues need to be explored, and the use of coal tar needs to be stopped! Polluting our environment that is full of wetlands and wildlife, the very reasons we all moved here, is not the answer. Thank you.


Rachel Patrick

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