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Petitioning The Republican Party of the United States of America

Nominate Ron Paul as the Republican Nominee or do NOT count on OUR votes.

I am calling on ALL Ron Paul supporters to sign this petition.

This is an ultimatum to the Republican Establishment:

You WILL nominate Ron Paul as the Republican presidential nominee, or we will vote against EVERY Republican on the ballot & write in the good Dr. come November 2012.

By signing this petition, you are vowing to WRITE IN Ron Paul on the presidential ballot come November. You are also making you voice heard and letting the establishment know that you will not vote for their phoney, propped up candidates in any way shape or form, and further more, will vote AGAINST EVERY SINGLE Republican candidate on the ballot.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for the GOP to win the election without the votes of the several million Ron Paul supporters in this country.

It's time to put ego's and party politics aside and do what is RIGHT for this great nation of ours.

Please show your support by signing this petition and let the republican establishment know that we are not going to accept ANYONE except Ron Paul as our next President.


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  • The Republican Party of the United States of America

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