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                We, as part of an environmental movement would like to uphold to our vision, which is “Build a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Country”. But sad to say we are quite dismay to find out that the Philippines is one of the countries that contribute lots of destruction to our MOTHER EARTH. That is because our country is still relying to COAL-POWERED POWER PLANTS for alternative energy source. Which is we all know that the coal power plant is one of the main reasons why GLOBAL WARMING is still getting worst. And it cause irreparable damage to the environment, people’s health and communities. The cost of such damage is never estimated with the cost of production. The coal industry isn't going to pay for health and environmental damages, but the community and the surrounding environment will. It's nearly impossible to put Peso or any money value to the damage the power plant will be causing. Surely the government forgot to take a holistic approach and include the social cost of pollution which could essentially double or even triple the production cost in long run depending on the impacts caused by the proposed plant.

                Folowing the recent events assosiated with the destruction of our very own Mother Earth. We have decided to make a petition on orfer to urge the government to make and formulate some plans that can solve or find some alternative ways for us not to rely on COAL-POWERED POWER PLANTS.


                As part of the cahnge we woud like to have highlightened below what are the aims or what we really want ;

  1.        Make the Philippines 0% CARBON EMMITING COUNTRY
  2.        Make the Philippines 100% ECO-FRIENDLY
  3.        Be known worldwide as a MODEL of CHANGE
  4.        Urge the government to rely more on non-destructive or harm-free ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCE like; 
  •             SOLAR POWER PLANTS
  •             HYDROTHERMAL POWER PLANTS and;
  •             WIND POWER PLANTS.

                In line with this we are able to protect our country most of all our Mother Earth and to preserve the beauty for the future generations to see………




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