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I am writing to you on behalf of the family who loved baby Elijah Guia.

On June 2nd, of this year, nine month old Elijah died while in the care of his baby-sitter, Rosalinda Lesaca, in Reno, Nevada. He was found with multiple bruises, lacerations, hemorrhages, signs of seizure and suffocation. Since that time, Rosalinda has fled the country to the Philippines and charges have yet to be filed.

At the time of his death, his two older brothers, ages 5 and 3, witnessed what happened. One of them suffers from nightmares to this day, and the other will barely even talk about baby Eli, even though they were very close. They have been traumatized by what they saw.

In the days following his death, detectives told Eli's mother, Reno resident Keia Herb Guia, not to contact media, and not to tell anyone the specifics of the case. (She was told that this would only damage the case, and could cause Rosalinda to flee.) Keia did as the detectives asked and suffered the burden alone - knowing the gruesome details of the pain her baby boy suffered prior to his death.

Having been 6 months from the day he died, and no charges made, it is imperrative that we tell you his story.

We want to share with you our intent... We are not out to slander or speak against the Police Department in any way. We are, in fact, looking to get enough support from the public to assist the DA, the Reno Police Department and Detectives to find justice for Elijah's death. We know it is not lawful to outright accuse anyone of anything, and we know that at this point, we can only say that Elijah died while under her care.

We have so many questions we need help finding answers to. If the babysitter didn't hurt Elijah, then why did she flee the country? Why did she call his mom the night of his death instead of immediately calling 911? Why is she not being questioned?

This past weekend, his mother, Keia, wrote a letter to the DA's office asking for a meeting. It was the third time she has requested to speak with the DA who is on the case.

Keia has started a campaign in the name of Elijah Guia. It is our hope that through this, we can seek justice. The Facebook page for our campaign began on Friday, December 2nd.

Campaign E.L.I. (Every Life is Important)

We desperately need help. We must find Rosalinda and bring her back to Reno. We hope to seek the truth about what happened to Eli.

There was a candlelight vigil on December 10th, in front of the DA's office. We want to let them know that we are supporting this cause for the appropriate charges be filed against the person responsible for Elijah's death, and are pushing to have Rosalinda extradited back to the US for questioning.

We want to know what happened to baby Elijah.

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