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Ok so if most you dont already know, famous YouTuber "Logan Paul" had uploaded a video (which was obviously taken down for violating YouTubes restrictions policy) which consisted of a vlog of him traveling to Japan and visiting the Japanese Suicide Forest hoping to "catch something on camera" and hoping to camp out there for the night. Well long story short he came across a dead body of man who had taken his life and began to film the corpse. While the identity of the man's body was blurred and "shielded", there was still a visual image of the man's body hanging there. Not only had he recorded the body, he had made "small jokes" clearly targeting the topic of suicide and death. The video had gotten an extreme amount of hate and attention from the youtube community not only because it was extremely disrespectful, but careless as well. While i know most people will say that Logan wasn't the first youtuber to film there and that he only joked because it was his way of "coping with serious situations" and that he didnt "intentionally" make jokes and upload the video for vile reasons, he still should’ve touched on the topic of suicide in a more HUMANE and RESPECTABLE way instead of exposing his fanbase which mainly consists of YOUNG CHILDREN ages 7-12 AND to people who've LOST MEMBERS/FRIENDS TO SUICIDE AND TO PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL STRUGGLING WITH SUICIDAL THOUGHTS AND/OR ACTIONS to the footage. This isn't the first time the Paul brothers have been the topic of conversation throughout multiple social media platforms. There have been multiple events where they have just made themselves look like complete twats because of their poor choices and weak apologies to their idolizers and making YouTube itself seem more shameful than it already is now. This type of behavior should not be tolerated or accepted at all what-so-ever and its time for YouTube to open their eyes and realize that these two along with many others are very toxic people to the YouTube community and should not be allowed to continue with their poor choices and make YouTube a disappointment for many users who use it for a source of entertainment.

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