Help Save RELIG!

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In March 2018 the pastor of St Gabriel-St Joseph with no discussion or warning abruptly closed down Relig, cutting off nearly 150 young people from what was a spiritual home within their church.  No reason was ever given. Our parents and other members of our church have signed hundreds of petitions and begged for a reconsideration. All their efforts have been ignored. Help us save RELIG. By spreading this petition, we hope to spread awareness to this detrimental loss.

The Catholic faith forges our character and permits the creation of a strong sense of community. Equally important, RELIG provided young adults with the opportunity to explore their faith and the biblical teachings more in depth, and thus, becoming Christians by example and action. This was reflected with community service opportunities and retreats. Also, in the countless activities and events that we put on. The important lessons taught from the classroom are turned outwards into Christian action, social justice initiatives, trips to theater performances, athletics, and more.        

The RELIG program provides a supportive and comfortable environment for all teenagers. Every teenager is welcomed to join or help this program in order to positively impact our community. The relaxed atmosphere allows everyone to be themselves. Teens can express their troubles in a judgement free zone. With the help of many volunteers who are from the same community and experienced the same hardships, we guide them towards the most healthy and proactive path. Countless young adults come to us looking for help and we are always welcoming. .

Our program is well known for their entertaining trips and events. This program focuses more on nurturing and helping teenagers than just teaching them facts. These life changing trips are attended by not just students, but everyone in the community. The RELIG program does more than just provide teens with confirmation. We manage to bring the entire community together. We create opportunities for everyone to meet new friends or keep friendships together. One example is our Soccer Tournament. We allow whoever would like to participate to make a team and join the fun.

The closing of RELIG would have a detrimental effect on the teens of New Rochelle, since the place where they find comfort and advice from caring peers and adults would be no longer available. This organization provided young adults with a safe place to gather and discuss age-related problems and struggles adolescents typically face, in conjunction with learning about the Catholic faith.

RELIG does not only teach the youth about God, but guides them and helps them live on God's path. In short, the teachings of RELIG cannot be better explained than by 1 Timothy 4:12, "Let no man despise your youth; but be an example to those who believe, in word, in your way of life, in love, in spirit, in faith, and in purity."