Cancel all further exams due to instability caused by COVID-19

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Concerned student started this petition to College Administration.

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected the education sector across the world; the situation is grave in India as well. The current situation is very alarming and we are seeing an escalation in the total cases as we write this. This period of lock-down has not been easy on any of us, physically and mentally. We are all currently experiencing something so unprecedented that the whole world is in a mass panic.

As university students we have faced multitudes of challenges in the past few weeks. Many non-local students have had to completely abandon their life here and go back to their home towns to be with family. Many of us know family members or friends that are dealing directly with a COVID-19 infection. These are tough times for everyone and especially students who have so much on their plate. As per government guidance GCSE and A-Level exams were cancelled, but still some universities are continuing with exams through an online or offline portal. 

This petition is to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad to be a leader in these times and truly put the well-being and health of all its students above its reputation. Students at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad are greatly disadvantaged at this time and they need to know that their university cares about them and is doing everything in their power to ensure their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Students strongly believe that exams (Offline or Online) should not be conducted because of the following reasons:

1. Most of the students have not carried any books assuming that the lockdown will be ended on 31st of march, as per declared by the government of  India.

2. Considering the online classes, many students are from rural areas, neither they have computer nor they are accessed to internet connectivity at home.

3. Students who are attending online classes feel that most of the lectures are based on only reading the PPT/textbook. Also, classes are not being taken regularly. It is getting difficult to most students to follow the lecture as they do not have their textbooks with them.

4. In a few departments, not even half of the entire syllabus had been covered yet.

5. A huge majority of the students are located outside the state, who will have to travel back and arrange for their hospitality and food, for in person exams. This not only puts them at risk of getting infected but also endangers their families and guardians who could possibly be in the 'at-risk group' of Covid-19.

6. Parents of several students are daily wage earners and current pandemic has further worsened already deprived condition.

7. Despite of all these, even if some students dare to take the risk of getting infected and show up for exams, the social distancing cannot be performed in the college and hostel premises as there are about eleven students per room in the hostels. Hence, there is no place for hostelites to stay.

This above survey is based on the conversation of each and every student with their respective class representatives in their respective class groups.


Conducting exams in person could put a large amount of students at risk and act against our motive of flattening the curve. Especially when colleges can become vectors of rapid spread very quickly. Conducting exams online would be ideal case given that everyone has an equal opportunity which is not the case here.

In Telangana, Hyderabad is epicentre of Coronavirus spread. There is a very high amount of risk involved not only to the students but even to the faculty members and even examination committee. Hence, students strongly suggest cancellation of exams for this semester/academic year and the results of this semester or academic year should be based on the assignments and internal exams. Students would also like to elucidate the fact that they are not against exams. They are not willing to write exams of the current semester/academic year due to COVID-19 pandemic, as they will have to risk themselves and their families in order to attend exams.

We request you to sign this petition and help us ensure our safety and the safety of our society is given priority and together we can help flatten the curve.