Stop the HWY 57 Roundabout

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The Region of Durham is planning to add a roundabout to the corner of Highway 57 and Regional Road 3 (Concession 8).

This is in response to the temporary traffic on Road 3 caused by the Harmony Rd exit of the 407. 

Residents of Enniskillen and users of Highway 57 do not want a roundabout. 

1) HWY 57 is frequented by large transportation vehicles which will not fit in the roundabout and will slow down traffic flow. 

2) This is a farming community, tractors and farm implements will struggle crossing through the roundabout. This will cause congestion for vehicles and stress on primary producers. 

3) Construction and maintenance will be more costly than the current and very functional street light. Land will also need to be purchased from the four surrounding properties to allow enough space for the roundabout, increasing the expense of the project. 

4) A roundabout will by its own nature slow down traffic flow. The space between cars will decrease and cars will back up on HWY 57 as it has higher usage than Road 3. 

5) In 2020, the next extension of the 407 will open and traffic patterns will change. No changes should be made until the traffic patters normalize after the opening of the 407.

The Region of Durham must respect the will of residents and tax payers of the Region. This project would be a waste of our tax dollars. Do not force a roundabout onto us. Please build roundabouts where they are affective, in urban areas.