Bob Marley – Grammy Hall of Fame

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Bob Marley pioneer of the Reggae genre - his music to date has not been recognized in the Grammy Hall of Fame.  Granted that during his lifetime there was no Reggae category in the Grammy line-up, this is long overdue. While The Recording Academy has posthumously bestowed a Lifetime Achievement Award on Bob Marley, this award is distinct from the Grammy Hall of Fame Award, which honors specific recordings.

RollingStone Magazine writes:  In "Redemption Song," released a year before cancer took his life in 1981, he gave us a protest anthem that still carries the universal power of a true global call to arms. "I carried 'Redemption Song' to every meeting I had with a politician, prime minister or president," Bono said. "It was for me a prophetic utterance."

Some notable instances when the deep significance of Bob Marley songs were invoked are:- when the Berlin Wall was torn down (November 1991) people stood at the fallen rubble and sang Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" for hours. Also, in 2011 the lyrics to "Get Up, Stand Up" were repeatedly chanted at the "Occupy Wall Street Protests" that spread around the world, as well as it being played by NASA at the Mars Rover landing on Mars (January 2004). And, though few may know it, "Get Up, Stand Up"  was adopted in 1978 by the Amnesty International as its official anthem.

A more grim reminder of the significance of the lyrics of "Get Up, Stand Up" to the dispossessed around the world is the harrowing story of Al Bouazizi, a poor 26-year old Tunisian college student who on December 17, 2010, lit himself on fire in front of a government building; partly in response to the doleful events of his life. Al Bouazizi's actions sparked the violent demonstrations which followed in the Sidi Bouzid region. Khadija Cherif, who at the time worked for the Paris-based group Federation of Human Rights Leagues, said he was a "symbol for all the young college graduates who were unemployed." And, Kevin McDonald, director of the 2012 documentary-biographical film "Marley", in an interview recalls, "In Tunisia at the start of the Arab spring, people are singing "Get Up, Stand Up". Immediately after the fruit-seller (Al Bouazizi) set fire to himself to start the revolution, that was the slogan written on the wall near where he died."

While Posthumous Grammys have been awarded in the event of the untimely death of a nominee in a specific nomination year, there have also been posthumous awards conferred on Leonard Cohen and David Bowie, who both passed in 2016, and who too had previously received Lifetime Achievement Award(s).

I believe there are many Bob Marley songs (performing artist and song writer category) and albums, which would have been Grammy Award material, exclusive of whether or not the Reggae category existed in his lifetime. 

"Get Up, Stand Up" - Grammy Hall of Fame for Bob Marley!