Allowing Humber Real Estate Students To Write Exams Online Due To Covid-19 Closures

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Dear Hon. Ross Romano, RECO, Humber College & NIIT,

As the student body of the new Ontario Real Estate Salesperson Program, we understand and are supportive of the fact that Ontario (and the world) is facing unprecedented challenges in the wake of Covid-19.

Due to the closures of educational institutions across Ontario, learners have been forced to stop progressing through the program. Logically, it follows that the mandatory in-person exams and in-person simulation sessions have been canceled for the foreseeable future.

While this is understandable and the right course of action in dealing with the management of Covid-19 here in Ontario, we still have the opportunity to work together to ensure that Humber Real Estate students don’t get too far behind in the program while practicing social distancing. With some simple changes, this precious time can be used for study.

The core issue with the Covid-19 closures/exam cancelations is this: As this is unprecedented, nobody can say when the closures will end. It could be weeks or it could be months.

Humber College is already allowing for Virtual Proctors for “students who are registered in an ONLINE course through Humber College” and we request the same accommodation as available to other online course students of Humber College, as per this link -

In order to continue progressing through the Humber Real Estate Salesperson Program at a reasonable rate, in spite of social distancing requirements, we hereby respectfully request the following adjustments to the program requirements/examination policies:

1. The ability to write exams online by using a Virtual Proctor - a service which is already available to other students taking online courses with Humber College (full details are available here:

According to Humber’s own website, the option of ‘Virtual Proctoring’ provided by the company Examity “offers different proctoring options to students who are registered in an ONLINE course through Humber College.  The options ... are available for students who are unable to physically attend their on-campus final exam due to scheduling conflicts, distance or other complications."

In this case, Covid-19 closures would certainly fall under the category of “other complications.

2. Allow learners who have completed the Course 3 exam to temporarily skip Simulation 1 and progress immediately to Course 4, and the Course 4 exam following that. We feel this is fair because Course 4 has nothing to do with residential real estate that is covered in Simulation Session 1. We do agree, however, that Simulation Session 1 MUST be done in-person and MUST be completed in order to be conditionally licensed as a real estate salesperson in Ontario.


3. Considering that Course 4 is entirely focused on specializing in Commercial Real Estate, we move that the same consideration made for delaying Simulation 2 (Commercial Real Estate) be made for Course 4 and that everyone who has successfully completed Simulation Session 1 (Residential Real Estate) be issued a Conditional Residential Real Estate License to trade until Humber College resumes its services.

While we fully agree that social distancing must continue for the safety of everyone, we also believe that this should not stop the progress entirely of our educational careers.

Our families are depending on us financially to become licensed, and if there are logical and fair ways to make this a reality, we feel allowances should be made for online learners in the wake of this unprecedented situation.

The Students of Ontario’s Humber College Real Estate Salesperson Program