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Kodigehalli underpass is over due since from 4 years

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1.        The Residents of Kodigehalli, Virupakshapura, Thindlu, Sahakaranagar, Vidyaranyapura and Yelahanka consisting of several layouts do hereby request/notice to all concerned authorities and government to complete the Kodigehalli Railway underpass immediately.

  2.      The Kodigehalli railway under pass in lieu of L.C No. 10 connecting the Kodigehalli, Sahakaranagar and C.Q.A.L layout, Virupakshapura, Thindlu and Nagashettyhalli is main convenient underpass for lakhs of people.

  3.      This is to bring to the kind notice of all authorities, elected representatives and government that since 3 years the above said residents are suffering from several problems only in order to reach a distance of 100 mts., but all the public at large has to travel more than 4 kms extra by taking a longer detour. Due to this only reason of incompletion of work, all the residents are facing inconvenience by travelling extra 4 kms in order to reach work place/destination. Hence in turn wasting the man power, time, fuel, money, and it is difficult for the students to reach the school/collage on time. The work under construction has dug more than 20 feet pit   which has resulted in the water is stagnation at all times and now thanks to continuous rains that has added to this problem, hence creating an unhygienic condition resulting which causes health hazards and life threat diseases. The other substituting road now being used temporarily is facing a problem of traffic over load, hence resulting in traffic jam, causing accidents, wasting the man power time, fuel and money and also it affects senior citizens, children, patients, business persons and BMTC regular bus services being stopped since 3 years to nearby areas.

4.        You concerned authorities without proper final preparations dig the road about 3 years back, discontinued the work and held up the work since 3 years, resulting which concerned authorities have committed the offence of criminal breach of trust to public at large by obstructing the usage of public Road that too without obtaining the proper permission from the concerned authorities, without acquiring required land from land owners and public prior to the work. Its misleading and raise lot of doubts that how come BBMP dug the road when they have not acquired the required land from land owners, their buildings not yet demolished and compensation not yet paid up to them satisfactorily. Also point to be noted that since decades BBMP has faced similar land acquisition problems elsewhere in Bengaluru that has affected their projects. In spite of these lessons learnt from previous projects, they have committed similar mistake, which raises doubts in the minds of residence about the malicious interest behind this.

Also, wasted the tax paid money of public at large and   since the road is dug, it has caused danger of life to public at large i.e., creation of more mosquito, health problem, stagnant drainage water and rain water without proper precaution to the pit area and there is no danger sign board displayed at the designated spot. So the authorities have committed deliberate mischief to the public in general and above said residents in particular.   

5.        We further bring to the notice of all the above concerned authorities that even after collecting huge taxes from the above said residents, instead of providing proper facilities to us, you have contrarily obstructed the usage of existing manned Railway Road crossing. It is learnt that some of the persons have filed the case against B.B.M.P.  for not completing the work on time and in this regard the B.B.M.P has under taken before the Honorable Court of Law to take up the work immediately and have committed to finish the work within a maximum span of three months However We do not see any visible developments so far & the completion of the project is really far-fetched which also can be construed as grave contempt of the Court Order which can entail punitive & other damages to this effect.

6.        We also would hold the concerned authorities and the elected representatives responsible for any loss of life, Damage and the health hazards caused due to the unsafe crossing, incomplete work on the site and the accumulation of drainage water as well as rain water on the construction site.

Therefore, all the above said residents do hereby give final request/notice that please complete the Kodigehalli Railway underpass work immediately failing   which the above said residents are constrained to take legal action under criminal and civil law as against all concerned authorities at the personal cost of respective officers but not from the tax payers money.


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