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Request that Quest's Board of Governors include Student, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

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A Resolution to Include Student, Faculty, Alumni, and Staff as Members on Quest’s Board of Governors

WHEREAS, according to Quest’s website, the Board of Governors is “responsible for all financial, administrative, and academic aspects of the University”. Yet Quest does not have the voices most affected by these decisions represented on the governing body.

WHEREAS, Quest’s Board of Governors is a unicameral body responsible for all major decisions in both the financial and academic aspects of the university.

WHEREAS, the composition of the Board currently includes only 8 out of 11 total positions.

WHEREAS, none of these members, except the President, holds a position at Quest University Canada.

WHEREAS, the Degree Quality Assessment Board recommended filling out, and diversifying Quest's Board.

WHEREAS, in all public universities in B.C., as stated by the B.C. University Act, the Board of Governors must include no less than: two students elected from the Students’ Association, two faculty elected by the Academic Council, two alumni nominated by the Alumni Association, and one staff member elected by the employees of the university. Quest’s aim is to be more innovative, more progressive, and more collaborative than traditional Universities, yet this institution does not meet the BC standard for transparency and representation with Board members, public meeting minutes, or public agendas.

WHEREAS, the Sea to Sky Act of 2002 does not stipulate whether students, faculty, alumni, and staff shall or shall not hold positions on the Board.

WHEREAS, the Mission Statement of Quest University Canada states one of its purposes as being to “foster collaborative communities”. Yet, Quest has no students, faculty, staff, or alumni on the Academic Council or on the Board of Governors. Furthermore, there does not even exist formally defined communication channels between students, faculty, staff, and alumni with the Board. Furthermore, there is absolutely no mention of students, faculty, staff, or alumni in the University Bylaws which the Board adheres to.

WHEREAS, the Vision Statement of Quest describes a “balance between autonomy and collaboration . . . and an inclusive campus culture [to] remind us that education is a shared endeavor”. The Vision statement of Quest University Canada represents “how” our vision and mission will be accomplished, and yet Quest’s decisions are made without the highest level of collaboration which is guaranteed at other Canadian Undergraduate institutions.

RESOLVED that Quest University’s bylaws be amended such that they mandate the Board include, regardless of the number of seats currently occupied,

(1) student elected by the Students’ Association,

(1) faculty member elected by the Academic Council,

(1) staff member elected by the staff, and

(1) alumni elected by the Alumni Association,

in order to more completely represent the collaborative communities of Quest on its Board of Governors, thus aligning the Board with Quest’s new Mission, Vision, and Values statement.


the Quest University Canada Students’ Representative Council

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