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END Child Sex Trafficking

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Every 30 seconds a child becomes a child sex slave.


You thought slavery was over? Think again. Child trafficking – the illegal movement of people, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation – is a $32 billion worldwide industry and is happening to millions across the world right now.


Millions of children, are being bought and sold into the child sex slave industry. To us they are children that are being abused physically and emotionally but to the Traffickers they aren’t seen as children but as products in their business which makes millions a year.


Many Families and children are tricked into sex slavery. Many are sold by their families because they need food, drugs, to pay debts or are simply a burden.


By being in this type of slavery children who are suppose to be playing with friends, or going to a birthday party, will never experience the joy, instead they are raped up to 20 times a day, emotionally destroyed, beaten, starved, and when they are of no longer use, their organs are sold.


Child sex slavery needs to be stopped ; no child should be abused period and this the worst of the worst crime and it can be ended.


Many people think that this is only a third world issue, but that is not true: the US The International Labor Organization estimated in September that 40.3 million people were held in modern slavery on any given day in 2016. The ILO reported that 25 percent of those human trafficking victims were some states—of trafficked children have had contact with the foster care system.


We can end this crime against humanity and it has been proven by The Quest ECSS. The failures to end this needs to be exposed and the solutions are so easy but it takes you. For more information go to


Millions of children are being trafficked each year in the world, and become physically and emotionally scarred for life. By signing this petition, you can help raise awareness about Child sex slavery and put an end to it!






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