Double the area of Marine National Park (Green Zones) in the Great Sandy Marine Park now!!

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Sea level rise and global warming, combined with coral bleaching and climate change impacts, clearly indicate that we need to have greater Marine National Parks in the form of green (no-take) zones. Currently the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) has about 20% green zones, whereas the Great Sandy Marine Park (GSMP) only has 3.2%.  Just as we have land based National Parks which are protected areas, we need marine based National Parks, to protect and enhance our fish stocks and vital marine habitats.  There is no reason, other than selfishness, for the green no take zones in the GSMP not to be expanded so that at least 10% of each habitat type is protected, which effectively means at least a doubling of the current green zone areas.  The science on the stock improvements is in ( , so the GSMP Marine National Park (green no-take) zones need to be doubled so that at least 10% of each habitat type is protected.

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