I want the police to be held accountable for their actions that cause death on the job.

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This a news report I saw this morning showing the arrogance and absence of action by not calling for medical assistance. This lack of action effectively caused the death of a young man from the Gold Coast. All that has been done is a demotion of some of the police officers involved.

They should be held properly accountable for their actions and be dismissed and even charges for their actions on the job causing death. Their should also be greater training for police officers for identifying a person's need for medical assistance.  And more training making officers aware of their accountability of their actions. Here is the 9 news report as follows......


Police body camera video has been released of the moment seven police officers stormed a Gold Coast unit to find an unconscious and critically ill teenager slumped on a bed.

They lift him up, try to wake up, one officer laughs as his legs flop to the floor, before the officers leave him unconscious on his bed without calling an ambulance.

Later that day, 19-year-old Charlie Robertson's flatmates reported him dead.

  A coronial inquest into Robertson's death this week heard the Bond University student overdosed on a toxic concocion of GHB and cocaine.    

The police officers who attended have told the court they thought he was sleeping or drunk. An hour after busting in, the Rapid Action and Patrol officers walked out.

A doctor has told the inquest Robertson had an almost 100 percent chance of surviving if paramedics had been called.

Roberston's parents are now fighting for more training for front-line police officers and for laws that will prevent more deaths like their son's.

"They left our boy to die," Graham Robertson said.

"Rose and I will never walk away. We will see that justice is done and that the laws are changed so it doesn't happen to any other family."

The coroner is expected to hand down his findings in the coming months.

Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/03/17/20/22/video-shows-police-find-critically-ill-teenager-dying-of-drug-overdose#K6gtJqushH3tzS2j.99