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The Queen, Houses of Parliament, House of Lords: Allow Great Britain & England to fly the Union Flag & St Georges Cross.

We have, for far too long, been oppressed by 'those in power' telling us that we are not allowed to fly the flag or if it is, to take it down as it might offend. This is wrong as it is taking away our freedom of expression and speech. There are celebrations of St Patricks day, St Andrew and St David. Why is it, when someone is either flying the 'Cross of St George' or even the 'Union Flag' they are told by the local Council or Housing Association that they have to take it down?

This is England, NOT a foreign Country. Take America as an example, they are ENCOURAGED to fly 'The Stars and Stripes' as they are proud of their flag, if anyone told them to take it down, they would probably be chased out of America until they reached the border. Many of the people who do 'Fly the Flag' are ex-service personnel.

Why do local Councils (backed by the Government) always force people to remove our 'flag' of face the possibility of a fine (and possibly more), due to them saying it's 'racist' and 'offends' those who live here that are 'foreign'. I was once in a shop owned and staffed by Pakistanis and THEY had a Union Flag on DISPLAY in their shop - and it was NOT for sale. So I fail to see why it would be classed as 'offensive' if someone who is NOT English/White and they are 'flying the flag', WHY can't we.

So, this petition is to have 'those in power' let us freely, without ANY hindrance or penalty, fly our national flag, the 'Union Flag' and/or the 'Cross of St George' ANY time of the year. And to make April 23 a National Holiday for England and allow us to hold 'Street Parties'. And to bring back the Union Flag to 'photo' driving licenses.

Here are some examples;


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