Sir Tony Blair deserved the Knighthoods.

Sir Tony Blair deserved the Knighthoods.

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Kwabena Marfo started this petition to the queen elizabeth

The former prime minister should be given knighthoods for his tremendous works he did during and after his turners in office. 

_what you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments but what is woven into the lives of others_


The last lines of this quote is what people need to focus on whenever we discuss leaders and people who have grown and nurtured the dreams of others. Leadership is not ice-cream selling and as such decisions taken should be applauded at every level whilst not forgetting to condemn its consequences as well.
I am not a war monger and I do not agree that wars are good.
My point is, should a man be crucified by one action?
Certainly we all as human beings agree that as we continue to live in this world, as we continue to strive for greatness and as we continue to dive into life’s road, we will meet a few bumps in the road.
But must we all be condemned because we fell at one point during our pilgrimage on life’s journey?
It will be cruel to subject our existence to a mere action that didn’t sit well with many.

This is the case of Tony Blair.
Tony Blair is human just as we all are human.
The events of Iraq did hurt many but let us not forget about the following:

Efforts into the security and peace in Northern Ireland.
Efforts to the stabilisation of NHS. The NHS that produces so many jobs and the NHS that saved our lives during the pandemic.
The expansion of bursaries and student loans in this country.
We might be where we are economically only because Blair once led this country.

He deserves to be applauded, he has become a monumental figure in Britain’s politics and history and one cannot take that from him.
We all grieve but we all also forgive
Let us forgive one another when we commit errors and let us embrace each other with love and affection.

Both in and out of office, Blair has become a symbol of hope and his actions post prime ministership and actions during office may combine to have a magnitude which I believe is enough to grant him this honour.
May Britain be great and God save the Queen

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