Dissolve Government and call a General Election

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We finally have someone "Corbyn" who will bring about real change, it's what the people have been waiting 35 years for. Someone who really cares what happens to people and not attack them. For 35 years we have watched Cuts and Austerity effect the weak, infirm and workers, the very people who make an economy work. While at the other end those with the wealth benefiting, with tax breaks, bigger bonuses and bigger wages.

We are watching our NHS slowly being run down and privatised. We have food, clothes and shoe banks increasing in numbers, cuts in services, homelessness increasing, high unemployment, high number of people that are lucky to have work having to claim benefits to survive only to see those being cut. Unemployed people being sanctioned for no reason at all. Disabled people having their benefits stopped and all of this going on and still those at the top wanting more and not paying the full amount of tax. The list is a long one.


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